9 New Electric Mopeds Available in 2020: A Good Alternative to an Ebike?

Electric vehicles seem to be everywhere. After having some considerate successes in terms of battery development and manufacturing, more and more companies that work in development and production of various means of transportation are trying to implement the all-electric drivetrains in their products. But can we really blame them? They are following the latest changes in how people commute, they help promoting zero-emission vehicles and implement the latest innovations that could help consumers get better satisfaction with their products.

But while many think that electric vehicles (EVs) would predominantly be in the form of cars, trucks and SUVs, the analytical data shows that most people are actually drawn to two wheeled transport. Electric motorcycles, scooters and bicycles are cheaper in price compared to a car and are accessible to more consumers. So it’s not so hard nowadays to spot an ebike or a scooter on the street.

It has been proven by many people in Asia, India and Europe that in order to commute around the city or go grocery shopping, you don’t need to get a car. The latest models of bicycles and scooters could come with handy cargo racks that will provide plenty of room for your cargo. We have extensively covered it in our videos here and maybe people in the USA and North America could get such EVs to their liking too:

If you are afraid that your e-scooter would run out of charge but would like to have more seating comfort than an average biker, then there is a product that combines the best of two worlds: an e-moped.

Just like a regular motorbike, a moped comes with an elongated seat that is suitable for long range commuting, and has pedals for you to extend the trip in case you run out of battery juice.

By the modern standards a moped is basically an underpowered scooter that falls under less strict requirements that also requires less paperwork. Why should you consider such a vehicle? Well, when combined with a battery-electric powertrain, a moped could be considered a perfect city commuter that is also characterized by nearly negligible running costs.

Here we would like to make an overview of the newest moped models that arrive to end traffic jams in modern urban jungles and equip everyone with affordable personal means of transportation. We would give a brief explanation of all technical specifications, provide information about pricing and help you make up your mind if you ever need to buy one of these. .