Aldi Electric Bicycle Cell Ultimo Review | Special Buys December 2019

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Aldi had an electric bike on sale in early December 2019 and I’ve spent the past few weeks zipping around on it and I LOVE IT. For anyone who likes going bike riding but gets too tired or finds uphill treks a nightmare, this bike is for you.

It’s so easy, I’ve even started commuting to work (normally, I take a 8 minute drive to the light rail stop and then it’s a 25 minute ride to downtown and then I walk 5 minutes to work). The cost of riding the light rail each day for me is $7 and I would spend roughly $30 per week on petrol. Now, I save that $30 of petrol (so $120 per month or about $1560 per year) and get about 15 minutes of exercise in the morning and in the evening on the way to and from the light rail stop on my bike. So the bike will “pay for itself” within a year, I get out with some fresh air and it’s such a nice way to unwind at the end of the day!

Pretty happy with this bike (and it’s pretty great considering I used to ride like once per year and would bike for about 10 minutes before getting tired)!

The app it comes with is ok but I’m just using Strava instead. I’m 155cm tall (so about 5 foot 1-2 inches) and when I put the seat on the lowest setting, it works for me. If you’re shorter than me, it’ll be too high. The gears and brakes are super simple to use and it took my husband less than 15 minutes to set up the bike!

The charge of the bike lasts 50km as advertised and I usually bike for about 30 minutes each day (10-15km) and only have to charge a couple times max per week! The screen is super helpful in telling you how much charge you have left and it takes very little time to charge it up by plugging it in. Very happy with this bike!

Hope this review is helpful!

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