Best Dirt Bike For Beginners | What should you buy?

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I get these emails all the time. Guys (and gals) are asking me what dirt bike to buy for their first dirt bike. It is a very hard question to answer when I don’t know much about their personality, body type, terrain they will ride on, or their backgrounds. Having said that, I do have some general suggestions for people and I will cover that in this video. Here is the cliff notes version.

First off, don’t buy a 450cc 4 stroke motocross dirt bike! If you get nothing other than that from this video, we are doing well. For most adult men looking to get into dirt biking, I would suggest either a 250 4 stroke, or a 125 2 stroke. The reason for these models is they don’t have too much power. Most people make the mistake of buying a bike that has too much power and it gets them into trouble. The bigger motors also make the bikes feel heavy, and tend to ride you more than you ride the bike!

Some good bikes to look for are:

More trail oriented:
Honda CRF250X (4 stroke)
Yamaha WR250 (4 stroke)

More race oriented:
Yamaha YZ125 (2 stroke)
KTM 150 or 200 XC-W (2 stroke)
KTM 250 XC-F (4 stroke)

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