Build a Motorized Bike at home – DIY Motorised Scooter From bicycle

Build a Motorized Bike at home – DIY Motorized Scooter From bicycle

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Being a little boy when I rode a bike and was late somewhere, I always wanted to attach a motor to my bike and rush faster than the wind, I always wanted to have a gas scooter
Of course, after that many years passed and I began to study with everything else. But this idea never left me.
In a busy week, I did not find anything to restore, so I decided to make my old dream a reality. I have several old bicycles at home, so I could build a motorized bike from one bicycle.
I decided to upgrade my mountain bike by adding a motor from chainsaw.
I thought that this process would be easy, but as it turned out it was a very difficult task full of unexpected problems.
It turns out that the addition of the engine from the chainsaw is not enough, it was necessary to come up with a gearbox, since the revolutions of this motor are very high.
What came out of this you can see on the video.
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