Dewalt Powered E-Bikes and Drift Trikes

I converted all of my e-bikes and drift trikes to run on Dewalt lithium batteries.

Jamis DXT with 1,000 watt rear hub motor from E-Bike Kit, 3D printed battery mounts from Sympateco, and I used flat steel bar to make the large water bottle cage. I painted a couple of the batteries black so it is not as obvious when I lock my bike up in public.

Flatout drift trike with a Crystalyte Phoenix II high torque hub motor and 1,920 watt controller from ElectroRide. It runs on three Dewalt batteries, but more batteries extends the range. I’m still testing the 3D printed battery mounts, but the nylon plastic appear to be holding up.

I destroyed a bunch of the red battery caps that come with the large Flexvolt batteries. I tried to reinforce them with fiberglass, but they were not strong enough.

I still use the red battery caps, but do not attach them to anything. Instead I found a Dewalt tool bag that fits three large batteries perfectly. I spliced an extra red wire after the first battery to have access to 20 volts and 60 volts from the same pack.

Jamis Laser pony bike with 1,000 watt front hub motor from E-Bike Kit, Rockin’ Rider spring horse, and coaster brake. There are also some LED lights inside the plastic horse powered by Dewalt USB adapters.

Motorized sofa chair, aka Lazier Boy, built on a pink Modernline Drift Trike frame, has a 1,600 watt brushless motor powering a live rear axle with a reverse switch and beep alarm.

Burley Rock ‘n Roll tandem bicycle with a 1,000 watt heavy duty direct drive hub motor in the front wheel.

Electric sidecar has two 1,000 watt brushed motors powering a split rear axle, a 750 watt hub motor in the front wheel, and 200mm disc brake rotor.

Top speed for almost everything is about 30MPH, and range depends on if you are pedaling or just throttling. I typically get about 1 mile per amp hour on the drift trikes with no pedals, and about double the range on the bicycles. I use 9 amp hour batteries, so I can go about 9 miles on my sofa chair or 20 miles on the tandem bicycle with a full charge. .