Don't Waste Your Money On Batteries – The Shocking Truth I Discovered When Testing RV Batteries

Don’t buy batteries until you watch this! Which RV or boat battery is best? We ran laboratory-controlled tests to determine the best RV battery type by power and cost. This video takes a look at lead acid vs lithium batteries, how much power and energy these batteries make, and what is the cheapest battery by energy provided. After watching this video you can decide which battery type is right for you because you will be armed with real-world battery data!

The following is included in this video:
0:00 Introduction
3:24 Our Testing Setup
4:03 The Batteries we Tested
7:19 Takeaway #1 Lead Acid Did not make their Ratings
8:47 Takeaway #2 – Amp-hours are not equivalent between lead-acid and Lithium
9:53 Takeaway #3 Expensive Lead Acid Batteries are just that
12:18 Takeaway #4 Lithium Batteries are way cheaper over their lifespan
12:51 Takeaway #5 Lead Acid batteries need special charging and discharging parameters for cold-weather function
13:50 Takeaway #6 Heated Lithium-Ion Batteries should be insulated to save energy
14:38 Room Temperature Data Analysis and
16:58 Cost analysis of Data
20:25 Energy comparison analysis
22:25 Cold weather data analysis
26:18 Real-world cold-weather test with coffee maker and Microwave
30:08 9V Drop low voltage test data and analysis
33:00 Conclusion and my thoughts

Disclaimer: Battle Born Batteries paid for the tests we performed however this did not impact our judgment or tests and all the data provided to you is exactly as was tested. We are also affiliates of Battle Born Batteries and earn a small commission at no cost to a customer if a purchase is made through our link. If your interested in Battleborn Batteries check them out here :

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