Hero Lectro Electric Bicycle Review: Everything you should know !

Watch this detailed review of Hero Electric bicycle, Lectro.

Hero Cycles has launched Lectro, the Electric bicycle and here is a review of the electric cycle after a few days of consistent usage.

Questions answered in the Lectro review:
1. “Mileage” of the Electric bike, Lectro: What Hero Cycles claims vs. what you get.
2. Battery life of Lectro cycle.
2.1 : Battery charging.
3. Accesories
4. Price of Lectro electric cycle
5. The ideal user for this electric bike

Including the basic accessories, the Hero Electric Lectro bike costs ~Rs. 29,000 and runs in 4 different modes :
1. The normal Pedal mode
2. Pedalec mode (i.e. pedal + electricity, ie. battery activates once you pedal)
3. Throttle mode : that is just like a scooter – twist and go.
4. Walk mode : that is, you run on a constant mode (cruise).

DO watch the review of this Hero electric bicycle and if you have questions, please leave them in the comment section. .