HHO Kits, Good or Bad ??? पोल खोल विडियो, CARGURU Explains, HHO kits for Bikes, HHO Kits for Cars,

HHO (hrvatski helsinški odbor) or in India we say it Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen. It is a type of a gas in which 2:1 Hydrogen & Oxygen are there. Now there would be a lot of questions in your mind that how, when, where and so on.
In my words, if you want to sum up all this, I must say about this kit that this is nothing but a product to fool people like adding water in milk, which in result decreases the cost of milk. And you would be happy that you save money. This concept is exactly same. Try to understand HHO in such manner as you studied in your primary classes. H2O, which is chemical composition of water. In this technology, certain water elements are adding to petrol while combustion which you think giving you more mileage per litre. But instead of you, if our fuel pump dealer does this, we would say that he is a cheater. I suggest you do it yourself if this technology impresses you. On the other hand, if this technology comes as factory fitted, then it might worth because they have ample of R&D engineers as well as recourses and knowledge to manage that technology with harming on performance, engine & most important SAFTY.

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