Homemade Electric Drift Trike – Part 1

In this video I will be demonstrating how I built the frame for my homemade DIY electric drift trike! I have decided that I am going to make this build into a series because this project is a lot of work and its not something that I can quickly put together for you guys. Also, I apologize for this video being long overdue. A package containing a lot of these parts got lost during shipment and it ended up taking 6 weeks to get to me. So thank you guys for being patient!


20″ 48V 1500W Front Hub Motor Wheel (wider rim):

10″ x 6″ Blue PVC Sleeve X2:

Cast Iron Pillow Block with 1-1/4″ Bearing X2:

1-1/4″ Tubular Steel Axle (3/16″ Wall) 36″:

Lightened Aluminum Wheel Hub (1-1/4″ Bore) X2:

Component Box:

Stay tuned for part two where I will be showing you how to make the battery. Thanks for watching!


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Tobu – Amplified

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