Honda GX engine on bicycle with pocketbike CVT transmission

I wanted to have a CVT transmission on my bicycle using a Honda 4 stroke engine. There wasn’t a kit available to do this so I made brackets myself. The engine is rubber mounted to reduce vibration. Top speed is about 25 mph and cruises about 20 mph without pedaling. It’s not a motorcycle but a good power assist. The CVT lets the engine work in it’s power band even up steep hills. You can hear the gear whine of the transmission, sometimes it’s louder than the engine. So far I like it but we’ll see how long lasting the CVT is.

The CVT worked very well for steep hills but it was not efficient, the same bike goes faster with the same engine and a Staton axle mount kit. It goes even faster with a GEBE kit. Also the CVT wore out its bearings in about 50 miles because the cover is not pinned so the shaft becomes misaligned. I can not recommend it. .