How to Protect Your Electric Bike from Theft

In this video we cover many different ways to lock up and secure your bike to protect from potential thieves. Having a shop in Brooklyn, we know that New York City has one of the highest percentages for bike theft in the country. Electric bikes are expensive so we want you to have the best possible knowledge on how to keep your bike safe.

More information on Abus Locks and accessories here:

00:00 Introduction to Electric Bike Locks
01:11 Insurance in Addition
01:50 Abus Granite X+ U-Lock 540
02:20 Security Ratings
04:20 Abus 140cm Chain Lock
05:00 Abus Yourplus One Key for Multiple Locks
06:20 Abus Folding Lock
07:15 Abus Alarm Locks
08:31 Frame Lock
09:23 Modern Bike Security
10:50 Locking Strategies.
12:48 Securing Front Wheel
13:06 Hex Locks
15:32 Fixed Clamp for Seat posts
16:26 Handlebar and Stem Protection