How to Set Your Bicycle Seat Height

Looking for the best method to set your seat height on your bike? In this video, Reggie will show you how to take an accurate measurement and apply it to your bicycle.

Setting the proper seat height is important for 2 reasons:

1. If you set the seat height too low, you will feel uncomfortable and your pedaling will be less efficient
2. If you set the seat height too high, you strain certain muscle groups which can lead to injury, and this is also less efficient.

The best part is that you can do this all in the comfort of your own home, with simple household items. No fancy bike fitter necessary!

Learn everything you need to know to start Bicycle Touring! In this 25 Lesson Course you’ll learn how to Choose a Bicycle, Fit your Bicycle, Bike Touring Gear and Lifestyle Lessons.


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Course Overview

Choosing a Bike
Lesson 1: Bike Specs
Lesson 2: Bike Sizing
Lesson 3: Bike Gearing
Lesson 4: Calculate Gear Inches
Lesson 5: Wheels & Tires

Bike Fit
Lesson 6: Seat Height
Lesson 7: Seat Position (Setback)
Lesson 8: Choosing a Seat/Saddle
Lesson 9: Adjust Posture & Reach
Lesson 10: (Bonus) Install Adjustable Stem

Lesson 11: Panniers and Gear Setup
Lesson 12: Camping Gear Recommendations
Lesson 13: Essential Clothing & Toiletries
Lesson 14: Gadgets & Apps
Lesson 15: Organizing & Maintaining Gear
Lesson 16: Repair Kit + Bike Accessories

Lesson 17: Route Planning
Lesson 18: Best Foods
Lesson 19: Hygiene Tips
Lesson 20: Cycling Fitness & Training
Lesson 21: Camping Tips
Lesson 22: Hospitality and Hotels
Lesson 23: Safety
Lesson 24: My Gear Setup Japan

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