New Shimano Motor! Shimano EP 8 Motor for Electric Bikes — Review!

The new Shimano EP 8 motor is finally coming on electric bikes and electric mountain bikes this year! With 85 NM of torque, an incredibly small size, and a really solid app, this motor has come to impress and challenge the likes of Bosch and Brose. But how did it ride? That question is answered in our Shimano EP8 Motor review! Watch the video to find out! One thing is for sure, having a full-powered but very small motor will be a welcome addition to the lightweight eMTB game, and Shimano’s historic reliability not just in eBike motors, but in cycling in general, make this motor one to consider.


00:00 Intro and Big Updates Explained
01:30 In Depth Updates
03:40 App Setup and Walkthrough
06:15 Ride Review
12:10 Final Thoughts

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