P3 80cc Performance Upgrades Motorized Bicycle Carburetor tuning exhaust jets speed carb mods Bike

This video is a 3 part series on 80cc/66cc Motorized Bicycles where I go over tips and mods for improving assembly of the kit, common mistakes, performance improvements including NT and HP carburetor tuning using jets, pipe/exhaust recommendations, sprocket considerations and look at upgraded kits from Zeda and Zedamotorsports for crazy big power.

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Upgraded Carb HP:
Carb Jets:
3L upgraded gas tank:
Poo Poo Exhaust Pipe:
Standard conversion kit:
Upgraded conversion kit:
Huffy Parkside Bike:
Kent Bike:
Kent Bayside (Walmart): (Google “Walmart Kent Bayside”)
**measure the diameter of your hub!!**
1″ Sprocket Adapter (for bikes with 3,5,7,21 speeds):
1.5″ Sprocket Adapter (for hub brake cruisers, no speeds):
32 tooth Sprocket with Rag Joint:
Replacement Carburator:
Boost Bottle:
Replacement CDI/Ignition Module:
Side Intake Tube:
Double Brake Lever:
Heavy Duty Chain:
Chain Breaker:
Wireless Speedometer/Odometer:
2 Stoke Supertech oil (Walmart)
No Drip Gas Can: (other kinds spill at this angle)
Fuel Bottle:
Bike Alarm::
Phone Mount:
Front Light:
Rear Light:

Other Personal Transportation:
Segway Ninebot ES4:
Ancheer Electric Bicycle:

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