Robert electrifies his bike with SWYTCH's conversion kit | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

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The Swytch conversion kit can transform any pedal bike into an electric assist bike and they kindly gave one to Robert to help him face his cycling nemesis – Salter’s Lane! The kit is easy to use and the simple system will double the power of your existing bike. Could these kits be the answer to getting more people to use the bikes they already have? And more importantly – will Robert make it up the hill? For ease of reference, use the *timestamps* below.

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0:00 Take One Ordinary Bicycle
0:58 Hill Climb Challenge
2:22 Unboxing the Swytch e-Bike Kit
2:59 Creating Converts
3:13 The Boys from Swytch Bikes
4:03 Uphill Struggles
5:08 Works on any Bike
6:51 Costs of the Conversion Kit
7:28 Vital Statistics
8:59 First Ride & Riding Style
10:15 Accessories including Throttle, Brake Sensor
11:21 Steep Hills & Sedentary Cows
12:01 One Handed Release & Recharging Times
12:35 Reaching the Summit
13:12 Subscribe & Support

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