The better (and easier) way to bleed Shimano brakes | Syd Fixes Bikes

Brake bleeds might seem like magic, but they’re pretty straight forward if you have the right tools. Here’s the method that a Shimano race mechanic taught us that’s both better AND easier that the standard syringe method.

What you’ll need:
Shimano bleed kit:
Shimano mineral oil (brake fluid):
Allen keys:
Paint pen:
Shop towels:
Brake cleaner:

Other things in the shed:
Our toolkit:
Work stand:
Tool pegboard:
Syd’s apron:

00:00 Intro
00:24 What you’ll need
00:48 Why should you do this?
01:46 Why gravity bleed?
02:38 Gravity bleed setup
05:18 Gravity bleeding Shimano brakes
09:27 Cleanup
10:11 Finishing up
11:25 How to do a gravity bleed in one minute

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