TOP 8 – Electric Mountain Bikes with NEW 2021 Shimano EP8 motor

Shimano EP8 motor has just been announced, here’s a top selection of 2021 electric mountain bikes that use the brand new Shimano 2021 ebike motor. Here’s the absolute latest that are hot off the production line.

Shimano EP8 has more torque, 85Nm of peak torque which is an increase over the 70nm of the previous E8000 motor. It’s also 10% smaller and 300g lighter. Peak watts are 500 watts of power.

To add to the video, Shimano have delayed the release of the motor due to an issue – see towards the end of the video for the official statement, but they are stating that the motor will be out by the end of the year. I will update you as soon as I hear anything further!

== Video Contents ==
0:00 Commencal Meta Power 29
2:25 Orange Phase
5:45 Focus Jam2 9.9 Drifter
8:10 Orange Surge
9:14 Stevens E-Inception
9:45 Merida eONE SIXTY 10K
11:42 Husqvarna Hard Cross 8
13:37 Storck E:Drenik.2
14:46 Shimano Delay Official Statement

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