Transform your bicycle into a motorcycle!

Make your bike look and sound like a motorcycle with Turbospoke: The Bicycle Exhaust System.

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Make nearly any bicycle look and sound like a growling motorbike with the TurboSpoke Bicycle Exhaust System.

With installation taking less than five minutes, the TurboSpoke makes bike exhaust sounds by utilizing durable “Motocards” and an effective clamping and amplification system that make your bike roar like a four stroke engine.

Each TurboSpoke comes equipped with three waterproof Motocards, which each produce a different engine sound when struck by the spokes of your bicycle. The lightweight and durable exhaust “pipe” acts like a horn to increase the volume produced by the Motocard.

Includes 15 stickers to decorate the TurboSpoke bike toy. Installation requires an allen wrench which is included.


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