Yes, You Can Charge Some Electric Bikes by Pedaling!

Many electric cars, motorcycles and bikes offer regenerative braking so is it possible to fill an ebike battery just by pedaling? If you didn’t have access to the grid to plug in or if you just wanted to get a workout could you completely charge the bike on your own or use it like a generator to fill the battery and then use that for your portable electronics? Yes, the answer is YES! But there’s more to it than that… Only certain kinds of electric bicycles allow you to charge by pedaling and most of these are inefficient at converting mechanical pedaling motion into electrical energy and then storing it chemically in the battery pack. As a result, many of the companies I’ve talked with about this subject report that they only see 10% to 20% energy capture. The rest is lost as heat in the conversion process. When you dig even deeper, it becomes apparent that just because a human being is pedaling a bike does not mean that optimal efficiency is being achieved… there are other factors to consider such as what the person has been eating and how that food has arrived to them. In many cases, it is actually more efficient to charge and ride an e-bike than pedal on your own. The efficiency of the grid whether using coal, hydro electric, wind power or solar is much more efficient than the human body digesting food that was shipped using big trucks powered by diesel or gasoline.

Articles mentioned in this interview:
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– This inverter works by plugging three phase from hub motor output into the inverters, created DC charge power to battery pack EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at: .